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CAS No.: 126-71-6

Molecular formula: C12H27O4P

Molecular weight: 266.32 (International Atomic Weight Table,1987)

Molecular structure:

Properties: Colorless transparent liquid with a little odor. Melting point<-50℃, boiling point is 272℃, relative density is 0.9646(25/4℃), It is poorly soluble in water, soluble in many organic solvents such as alcohol and ether.

Uses: The product is widely used in printing and dyeing, ink, building, oilfield and other fields as defoaming agent and penetrant.

Package: 200kg /iron drum net each,1000kg/IBC.

Storage and transportation: Handle with care,no vigorous strike is permitted.Deposited in shady,airy and dry warehouse.Keep away from fire and rain.

Quality index:

Specific grade
Colorless transparent liquid
Content ,%
≥ 99. 0
Density ( 20℃ ) g/ml
0.9 60 -0.9 7 0
Color, APHA
≤ 20
Refractive Index (N20D)
Acid value ( as H+,mmol KOH /100g )
≤0. 1
Water ,%
≤0. 1

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